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Kids Get to Be Doctors Each Week


NEW! Discover theme session in Richmond Hill July 22-26 for ages 5-6.

FALCON First Aid and Leadership camp still has a few spaces available for ages 13-17.

Learn More about Medics Camp's different summer camp STEM programs by clicking the link below.

Medics Camp

A STEM certified, medical science-based summer camp where kids aged 5 to 13 get to be ‘Doctors Each Week’, have fun and make new friends. It is designed for kids who are intellectually curious and passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It combines learning with fun hands-on activities while being challenging enough to engage and inspire. 

Each day of each program theme week in each age group is a different experience.



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Programs Area

First Aid Leadership 

Our elite first aid leadership camp (FALCON) is where teens aged 13-17 learn Red Cross standard first and and CPR skills and have the opportunity to get certified as part of their camp week at no additional cost.  Teens will learn communication skills, build confidence and make lasting friendships.







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My 8 year old daughter absolutely adored this camp.  She wasn't sure at first whether she'd like it, but she had a blast every day and on the last day raved about all the fun activities.  Definitely recommend it!

About Us

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Medics Camp is a unique STEM certified summer camp where kids immerse themselves in the world of medicine, ignite their curiosity and get excited about medical science.


Each camp day has different medical related themes upon which age appropriate activities, experiments, games and crafts are delivered in a fun, educational and creative way.


I attended Mini Medics summer camp last year and it was one of the best camps I've ever been to.  Way better than rec camps.  We actually did a lot of experiments and activities.

Meet the Medics

Ages 5-7: Munchkin Medics (level 1) are already showing an interest in learning.  They are inquisitive and like to ask lots of questions.  They will follow our daily medical science themes with age appropriate activities, games and crafts.  


Ages 7-9: Mini Medics (level 2) are kids who are intellectually curious and eager to learn about science, medicine and the human body through experiments, activities, crafts and games.  


Ages 9-13: Junior Medics (level 3) are bright, focused and interested in medical science and how the human body works.  They are mature and ready for the challenge of more advanced experiments and activities.  

Ages 13-17: FALCONs are teens who are interested in learning the Red Cross standard first aid and CPR course for personal growth or for certification.  They are mature, responsible, community minded and interested in gaining leadership skills and tools that will make them better leaders at home, at school and in their community.  

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