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Medics Camp is a fun place where kids ages 6-16, that are intellectually curious, creative and enjoy learning get to be “doctors for a week”. This unique STEM/STEAM camp immerses kids in the world of medicine, ignites their curiosity and gets them excited about science.


Each camp day has different medical related topics upon which age-appropriate activities, experiments, games and crafts are delivered in a fun, educational and creative way.


Provide a unique STEM experience for children that ignites their curiosity and helps them discover a love of medical science through fun and engaging experiments, activities and games. 



Make a difference in the lives of others by introducing children to STEM and the medical field early so that someday those children can make a difference in the field of healthcare around the world.

Study Group

Partner with Medics Camp! We've had great experiences partnering with private schools, homeschools, daycares, recreation departments and other camps that want to offer something new and different from the traditional STEM programs.  We have 15 different medical themed programs.  Whether onsite or online, one hour or one week, we can customize our programs to fit the needs of your group, just let us know what you’re looking for.


What a delightful, educational, comprehensive and exceptionally run camp!! We were impressed from beginning to end, every day a new learning experience and opportunities to grow as a mini medic and empathetic camper. The counsellors were wonderful & fun and the impression and knowledge you left my son with was unmatched by any other camp he attended this summer. Weeks later he is still incorporating his learning & terminology in his day to day and enthusiastically sports his camp medics shirt and badge any chance he gets ;) Superb teaching! Thank you Amanda & Team, we’ll be back!

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Amanda Farris BSci, MBA, Owner and Founder

Amanda Farris is the owner and founder of Medics Camp.  Amanda has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field  and worked in hospitals and clinical settings for over 8 years.  She has degrees in environmental medicine, health science, and holds an MBA in technology management.  She also has taken graduate level courses at Johns Hopkins University in health policy and healthcare informatics. When camp is not in session, Amanda owns and operates HELPgta, as a Red Cross training partner teaching First Aid & CPR to adults.  Amanda loves sharing her passion for science and the medical field with children who may one day become our future healthcare professionals.  

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