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Why S.T.E.M. ?

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “there is an estimated projected shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030” and “The chronic under-investment in education and training of health workers in some countries and the mismatch between education and employment strategies in relation to health systems and population needs are contributing to continuous shortages.”  The current pandemic has reinforced the importance of technology in all areas of our day to day lives- from how we learn and work, to how we connect and socialize with others to virtual healthcare and genetic research.


The current generation of children ages 6-16 have always had the internet and technology at their fingertips and are as comfortable with technology as they are with their toys.  STEM education provides kids an opportunity to prepare for careers of the future.  Even if kids think they don’t like Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math and choose not to pursue a STEM specific career, STEM learning focuses on skills that are critical to any career and a "life skill" tool box.  Things like problem solving, logical thought processes, critical thinking and creativity are strong mental habits that will help children succeed in any career they pursue.  STEM camps  also encourage team building and collaboration.


Medics Camp programs offer an opportunity for kids to be doctors for a week as they explore the human body, health and careers in the medical field.  We want to get kids excited about science while having fun learning with like minded peers.  Our mission is to inspire kids to help others and someday they will help all of us.


What a delightful, educational, comprehensive and exceptionally run camp!! We were impressed from beginning to end, every day a new learning experience and opportunities to grow as a mini medic and empathetic camper. The counsellors were wonderful & fun and the impression and knowledge you left my son with was unmatched by any other camp he attended this summer. Weeks later he is still incorporating his learning & terminology in his day to day and enthusiastically sports his camp medics shirt and badge any chance he gets ;) Superb teaching! Thank you Amanda & Team, we’ll be back!

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