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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which level to register for?
    Our programs are age based and activities are designed to be challenging at each level and increase in complexity as kids age up. When you go to register your child for one of our programs, our registration system will automatically present to you the sessions that are still available based on their age group level. The system knows what level to place your doctor in. Please note that the minimum age for Medics Camp is 5 and they must have completed junior kindergarten. We understand that there may be some children who will be 4 at the time of camp and won't be turning 5 until the end of the calendar year. While they are eligible to attend, please consider your individual child, their maturity level and attention span. We want their first experience with Medics Camp to be amazing but we know that children develop at different rates and not all are ready for a week long medical STEM camp no matter how amazing it is. If they would rather be running around outside all day maybe wait a year before registering them. As a parent myself, I can tell you from experience, kids can change a lot in a year.
  • Are there any prerequisites to register for certain theme weeks?
    Each camp is designed to stand alone so campers can attend any program theme they are age eligible for in any order. Please note that Medics Camp programs are age based. While we encourage kids to register with friends, if the friend is significantly younger they may not be eligible for the same age group.
  • What are your staff to camper ratios?
    Munchkin Medics (level 1) ages 5-7 years - 1:8 Mini Medics (level 2) ages 7-9 years - 1:8 Junior Medics (level 3) ages 9-13 years - 1:10
  • Are Medics Camp program themes all different?
    Yes. Each day of each program theme for each age group, has different medical related topics and hands-on activities. Our programs are designed to offer a unique experience at each age level so that kids can return for multiple years. For example a child who begins their journey with Medics Camp at age 6 (our level 1 group) could attend our onsite summer camp program themes DISCOVER and EXPLORE and then return the following summer when they are 7 and have moved up an age group (level 2) where they can DISCOVER, EXPLORE and now FORENSIC MED and enjoy a different learning experience. When they age up to level 3 they'd again have a new experience. Teens ages 14-17 are eligible to attend FALCON our one of a kind first aid and leadership program. Our 3 new in-person onsite after-school program themes will be different from our in-person onsite summer camp and again will be age based so that kids can expand their learning as they age up. The 6 updated virtual online programs (Osteon, Contagion, Kardia, Oculus, Sana and Borborymi) that are expected to be re-launched in January 2024 may share some of topics and hands-on activities with our in-person onsite programs. We recommend that if your child has previously attended one of our in-person onsite programs since 2021 that you check with us before registering for a virtual program so that we can make sure there won't be duplication.
  • What is your first aid leadership camp (FALCON)?
    Launched in 2022, our First Aid and Leadership Camp has been a huge success with over 140 teens becoming certified in standard first aid and CPR! If your teen is interested in learning first aid, enjoys the field of medical science and wants to take their leadership skills to the next level they will love the opportunity to embark on a journey like no other. The first aid component of FALCON covers all of the topics found in a traditional standard first aid and CPR course . The leadership component of the camp uses role play, scenarios and team competitions to develop a tool kit of skills every good leader should have. The FALCON program is designed to build confidence and self esteem, improve communication and problem solving skills, introduce them to careers that they might not have known about, and helps to prepare them to handle not just medical emergencies but the every day challenges they will face in life helping them to become better leaders at home, at school and in their communities. The maximum number of participants in FALCON is 18 per session week. This small group size enables us to work closely with teens over the 5 days camp week to help them perfect their first aid skills and build their confidence to use them should the need ever arise. What has been particularly special about teaching the FALCON program is seeing the individual personal growth that happens between Monday and Friday and the friendships that are created among those 18 teens during the week. 2023 was just our 2nd year offering FALCON and it made my heart sing to have teens who graduated in 2022 from our very first FALCON program return to volunteer together as junior counselors. They had kept in touch for the entire year! Last year 98% of our FALCONS who chose to pursue Red Cross certification as part of their camp week were successful. While we do our very best to help everyone pass, sometimes it's just not possible. Often it's because there is a physical component required for Red Cross certification to demonstrate the compression depth of 5 cm for adult CPR and not all teens (and even some adults) are strong enough to do this. During their week at camp, teens will be given many opportunities to practice this and other first aid skills so that by Friday, they should feel confident in their abilities and have the greatest chance of success whether pursuing certification or not. At the end of the week even if a teen doesn't get Red Cross certified, they have still learned a lot of first aid skills that can be used to help others. There are only 18 spaces for FALCON camp each week and they fill up quickly.
  • What should my camper bring to camp?
    Please send your camper with: - A NUT FREE Lunch and 2 Snacks - Water Bottle – labelled with your child's name (refills are available at the water fountain) - A Beach Towel for sitting on the grass during lunch and snack breaks (weather permitting) - Sunscreen-labelled with your child's name - Hat and Sunglasses - Epi Pen or Inhaler or other meds (if required) **Optional-Money for pizza lunch on Friday if you’d like your child to participate the cost is $3.50 per slice and they can choose either Pepperoni or Cheese. Orders and cash payment will be taken in-person during your child's camp week. A team member will ask you during the sign-in or sign-out process on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if your child(ren) will be participating. Please note, that we do not take pizza orders on Mondays. The first day of camp can be hectic and we know many parents are trying to get to work in the morning so we don't want to delay the sign-in process.
  • Does Medics Camp have AC?
    Medics Camp rents classrooms from local high schools which all have AC.
  • Where can I find Medics Camp summer camp programs?
    We offer 4 different age based onsite in-person summer camp program themes: Discover, Explore, Forensic Med and FALCON. Our current locations are Richmond Hill and Markham Ontario Canada. Expansion to other in-person locations in both Canada and the US are currently being explored and evaluated. If you are interested in licensing or franchise opportunities with Medics Camp, please contact us at
  • What is your 2024 cancellation policy for onsite camps?
    Cancellations made BEFORE April 1, 2024 will be refunded at 100% Cancellations made AFTER April 1, 2024 but BEFORE May 1, 2024 will be refunded at 50% Cancellations made AFTER May 1, 2024 but BEFORE May 15, 2024 will be refunded at 25% No refunds are provided AFTER May 15, 2024 for ANY reason No refunds for missed or late sessions, code of conduct violations, illness or after camp begins. All cancellations must be made in writing to
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes. We offer an Early Bird Discount for a limited time. There is no promo code required. We also offer a Sibling Discount. The registration system will automatically calculate the discount in your cart when you register 2 or more children for the same camp week.
  • Do you allow older campers to sign themselves in and out of camp?
    If you feel your child is old enough and mature enough to sign themself in and out of camp each day we will allow it provided that the parent or legal guardian has provided us with written consent. Medics Camp is not responsible for children once they have been signed out of camp. Ask a team member on the first day of camp for the form to fill out if you'd like to authorize your child to sign themself in and out of camp.
  • Do you still offer Virtual Online Medics Camp programs ?
    Virtual Online Medics Camp is a medical science-based program designed for kids who are intellectually curious and passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It combines learning with fun, creative hands-on activities while being challenging enough to engage and inspire. Our virtual programs were temporarily put on hold in 2022 as we returned our focus to local in-person onsite summer camps and began work on the creation of 3 new in-person after school program themes. Our virtual programs are expected to be re-launched in early 2024 as weekly after school and weekend sessions. Registration for Medics Camp virtual online programs is on target for mid October 2023. If your child or group is interested in our virtual programs, please complete this very short SURVEY that will help us with scheduling programs based on the time zones of those interested. This will help us with both staffing and scheduling.
  • What are your COVID/Illness policies for onsite camps?
    Medics Camp will always encourage and support the wearing of a mask indoors. Doctors wear masks to prevent the spread of germs and at Medics Camp, kids are doctors for a week so they should feel very comfortable in their decision to wear a mask. Camp room instructors will make every effort to create a seating arrangement that further supports those who choose to wear a mask indoors. We will always meet or exceed public health guidelines related to return to work, school or camp. We recognize the ethical and financial dilemma parents may face when they consider whether to send a sick child to camp. While we do not provide refunds for missed camp days for any reason, we want to support families doing the right thing by keeping sick kids home and preventing others from getting sick. If your child misses 3 or more days of camp and you provide us with a doctor's note for this absence we will allow a one time transfer to another camp week if there is still a space available for their age group. If there are no spaces available for a transfer, you will be offered a credit on exception for 50% off next summer's camp. There is no cash value and the credit is only valid for one year. Campers who are visibly ill will be sent home.
  • Do you offer mini workshops for school classrooms?
    Not at this time. We had hoped to launch our school day programs in September 2023 but have paused that initiative as we focus on expanding our locations for in-person summer camps in the US and Canada.
  • Are there Medics Camp franchise opportunities available?
    Yes. We are looking for like minded entrepreneurs, educators and community partners who recognize the importance of STEM and share Medics Camp's vision for introducing children to medical science, health and the human body in fun and creative ways. If you want to make a difference in the life of a child, your community and the medical field please contact us at and tell us your story and why you think Medics Camp would be a good fit. Non-profits who are interested in licensing Medics Camp programs are also encouraged to reach out.
  • How do friend requests work?
    We know learning with friends is an important part of camp so when your child arrives on their first day, they can let their instruction know who they would like to sit with and the instructor will make every effort to put friends together in a group of typically 4-6 kids. Please note that we can only accommodate friend requests when kids are registered for the same age group L1 L2 or L3. Check your registration confirmation if you're not sure which age group your child and their friend is registered for. The registration system calculates age based on when the child turns a certain age and some programs may have a different birthday month cut-off. Our camps typically are full by the time your child's camp session starts so moving a child to a different age group to be with a friend who's birthday is later in the year is impossible if we don't have a seat available for them. Exceptions will not be permitted for changes to a different age level if the child's birthday month doesn't fall within the acceptable minimum age range for an age group- example a child who just turned 8 in the calendar year will be assigned to Level 2 and would not be given an exception to move up to Level 3 even if space was available. Activities are designed for certain age groups and skill levels and so kids can learn with their peers. Exceptions to move to a different age group must be requested (and are not always granted )prior to the start of camp and will never be permitted once camp begins. There are no refunds if your child is unhappy with the camp group they are registered for. (see our refund policy)
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