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NEW!  Sick Kids Hospital

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Medics Camp is excited to announce our community partnership with the CALIPER Project from the Hospital for Sick Children. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in free onsite CALIPER Project clinics run by SickKids research staff every Friday at Medics Camp this summer. The CALIPER study is a nation-wide initiative at The Hospital for Sick Children to improve the diagnosis and care of children with medical concerns. The goal is to establish normal ranges for blood test interpretation in children. To date, over 12,300 children and adolescents have participated in CALIPER. Participation will help children with medical concerns across Canada!


Participation is completely voluntary and participants can withdrawal from participating at any time.


Participation requires:

  1. Completion of a short health questionnaire;

  2. Informed participant and parental/guardian consent (if less than 16 years of age);

  3. A small blood sample (approximately one (1) teaspoon).


CALIPER participants will receive:

  1. 10$ honorarium;

  2. Two (2) community service hours;

  3. Choice of a CALIPER t-shirt or teddy bear.


CALIPER participants can also choose to take part in the COVID-19 study by consenting to have their sample tested for COVID-19 antibodies, with the option to participate in only one or both studies. Rapid antigen testing is also available onsite during clinics. Campers who participate will not have to do an additional blood draw, just complete some additional paper work. This COVID-19 data will help fill gaps in understanding of how COVID-19 impacts children and teens, including rates of exposure and quality of immune protection. As a thank you, COVID-19 study participants will receive their results via their parent/guardian or family physician in a timely manner. Medics Camp will be providing a participation button and certificate for campers who choose to only donate a nasal swab sample.

Siblings and other family members aged 1-18 of registered campers will also be invited to participate at the onsite CALIPER Project clinics hosted by SickKids research staff on Fridays. Participation is easy and testing takes approximately 20 minutes. Please visit the CALIPER project website here for more information or email Medics Camp if you have any questions.

Study Information-ENGLISH



Remote Learning
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U+ Education provides students with high-quality, personalized, online language learning experiences for students from English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. They offer personalized one-on-one classes, partner classes, and group classes!

Join them on the language journey!

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U+ Program Descriptions

U+ Brochure

Reading Club-Markham Library

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Medics Camp encourages kids and their families to explore the fantastic fascinating world of fungi with us. One of our camp topics is germs and we typically focus primarily on viruses and bacteria and realized we have not given fungi enough attention.  Not all germs are harmful, in fact some bacteria and fungi are very healthy for our bodies, helpful to the environment and used in medicines.  

If you and your child are looking for a fun and educational activity for early spring consider growing your own mushrooms!  Our friends at Grow Mushrooms Canada recommend their easiest to grow indoor kits - blue oyster, elm oyster, yellow oyster and lion's mane.  For outdoors Wine Cap is a great choice.


They also have lots of great links to educational videos on their website's Learn to Grow page.

Enjoy a 10% off promo code: MEDICS10%

Medics Camp Book Recommendation:

The Mushroom Fan Club by Elise Gravel

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We are pleased to announce that Medics Camp programs have been accredited by the leading and exclusive third-party validator of STEM programs and other learning experiences.

What does that mean to you?  The Authenticated™ trustmark streamlines consumer’s ability to identify goods that conform to the organization’s vetted standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents and educators observe the Authenticated™ Seal, they know products will:

  • Integrate seamlessly into STEM friendly homes and programs

  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards

  • Support the development of student's 21st Century Skills

  • Engage students through hands-on learning and collaboration

  • Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process

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