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About Medics Camp's In-Person After-School STEM Programs

Medics Camp is a unique S.T.E.M certified program that focuses on medical science, health and the human body.  Our educational after-school programs attract like minded kids who love to learn and enjoy a challenge.   For some, Medics Camp may be the first step in a medical journey and we are excited and honored to be a part of your child's future and the future of global healthcare.

Medics Camp in-person after school program themes are different from our in-person summer camp program themes.  We want kids who are interested in medical science to have the opportunity to explore new and different topics then what they may have had if they attended one of our summer camp programs.  All of our programs are age based because we believe learning with like minded peers is the best way to learn while having fun.

The launch of our in-person after school programs has been delayed.  While we have had several local schools invite us to deliver our program, we continue to look for school partners who understand that we are not a daycare.  The Medics Camp after school programs are designed to be an enriching educational experience for kids who are intellectually curious and love to learn and we recognize that our programs are not a good fit for every child.  Our programs would be better classified as an educational club that meets once a week for an hour after school or on a weekend.



  • STEM certified program

  • Age Based

  • Real Medical Equipment (in-person only)

  • Engaging Experiments

  • Medical Themed Hands-On Activities

  • Customized Games

  • Crafts


In-Person After School

Locations, dates and times are still being reviewed.  Help us determine which towns and cities have the most future doctors and healthcare professionals by completing this short (5 mins or less) SURVEY to tell us where in the US and Canada Medics Camp should offer in-person after school and weekend educational programs.  Everyone who completes this survey will automatically be entered to for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.  Deadline to complete the survey is December 14, 2023.

Medics Camp

The re-launch of our Medics Camp virtual programs is expected in Q1 of 2024 and we'd love to know what days and times work best for your child.  Please help us with optimal scheduling by completing the very short (5 mins or less) SURVEY

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