Policies & Procedures

Online (virtual) Camp
  • Cameras must be on. Camp is about engaging and having fun with other kids and that doesn't happen when they can't see each other. Don't worry about a messy room.  Free and fun Medics Camp backgrounds are available.

  • Campers will remain on mute until it's their turn to speak.  Please remind your child of this.  We want kids to be excited and participate but we need campers to be respectful of others and not dominate a discussion or talk over the instructor and other campers.

  • Basic school supplies are required (scissors, tape, glue, markers etc.).  Even if you select the Made4U material kit, campers will need the basics.  

  • Please notify us by email or text if your child is going to be late or absent for an instructor led zoom session.  We try and wait until everyone arrives before getting started with our session.  If we know in advance that your child has a schedule conflict we may (in some cases) be able to change the sequence of the hands-on activities so they can participate.

Virtual Medics Camp Practices


  • Medics Camp online is hosted on Zoom.  

  • All login/password information for Zoom will be emailed  to parents prior to their child's camp week.  

  • All Medics Camp Zoom rooms are password protected and change  weekly and specific to their group.  

  • Zoom information is never made public in any way.  

  • At the beginning of each session campers or their parents will sign-in  to Zoom where they will enter the “doctor's lounge waiting room”. This feature  allows one of our team members to approve entry of only registered  participants. To do this, we need parents to make sure that their child’s  display name on Zoom matches the name you provided us on their child’s  registration form. 

  • Medics Camp instructors will be able to control participant microphones,  videos, and screen shares.  

  • By registering for Medics Camp, participants and their parents are  agreeing to our Policies and Practices. 

  • When the chat feature is used, it will be actively monitored by our  team members to ensure what is being posted is “camp appropriate”  

  • Any behavioral issues at camp will be addressed with parents. If  behavioral issues persist that are negatively impacting the camp  experience of others, the offending child will be removed from the  session and in some cases may not be allowed to return.  

  • If your child will be late for their camp session or not able to attend  at all, please contact the camp director at info@medicscamp.com or  647-428-0004 so that your child’s instructor can be notified.  Instructors try and wait until all campers have arrived before beginning  a session so please be on time and if something comes up, just email, call  or text us to let us know.  

  • There are no refunds for late or missed sessions. Our cancelation  policy varies from year to year so please visit our FAQ page on our  website for details. 

  • Material Kits are required for our hands-on virtual camp theme activities.  You can choose either the "made4u" or "DIY" kit option when you register.  If you select the DIY material kit option, please make sure you've collected everything on the list that will be sent to you before the first day of camp.  If you select the "made4u" option, please don't let kids take items out of their kit before their instructor tells them to.  Kids are very sad when everyone is doing an activity and they're not because something is missing. 

  • DIY kit campers, if you can't find one of the items listed for your kit and need help with a suitable substitution before your camp week starts, email us at info@medicscamp.com and Amanda will work with you to find an alternative.  We know there are supply chain issues in some locations and for campers outside of the US and Canada, you recognize that you may not have access to the same materials.  Don't worry, we've taken all of this into consideration when re-designing some of our activities this year.

Onsite Camp  

Medications:  For medications other than an auto-injector/Epi Pen, a Medication Record Form must be completed for  any required medication to be administered to your child during camp. The Medication Record Form  and medication is to be given to your child’s camp instructor who will keep it in a secure location. The  team member who assists your child with their medication will sign the form confirming they observed  the medication was taken and at what time.  

Procedure when sending medication to camp: 1. Upon arrival to camp on the first day, please notify the  Camp Director that your child needs to take medication during camp hours. They will provide you with a  Medication Consent form. You must read, fill out, and sign the form stating the type of medication,  dosage and dispensing time. 2. Send the medication in the original prescribed container. 3. Medication  should be given directly to the Camp Director by an adult.  

Life Saving Medications: If your child requires an auto-injector/Epi Pen or inhaler, they must be kept  with the child in a portable labeled bag (ie: fanny pack) for the entire day or given to your camp  instructor who will keep it safe and readily available for use if needed. Registrations that indicate severe  allergies requiring an Epi pen will be required to complete a separate auto-injector/Epi Pen Consent  Form and this will be provided to you on the first day of camp.  

Emergency Procedures Onsite

All Medics Camp staff members have a first aid kit and access to the emergency medical services (911).  Camp instructors and counselors are certified in Standard First Aid & CPR Level C. For minor injuries  your child will be assessed and treated by a member of our Medics Camp team and an incident report  will be provided to you at the end of the day at pick up. In the unlikely event of a serious injury or  condition, emergency medical services (911) will be called immediately to respond to the situation. The  parent or person listed as the emergency contact on the registration form will be contacted immediately  with information regarding the incident. If an ambulance is required to transport your child to the  hospital, a member of our staff will accompany your child and remain with him/her until a parent  arrives, so that a child is never left unattended. 

Snacks and Lunch Onsite


Please send your child with a nut-free healthy lunch and two snacks for the day as well as a re-usable  water bottle. Water bottle refill stations are available onsite, and we encourage campers to hydrate.  


Medics Camp has a nut-free policy. In our pre-camp communications, we may also ask that you refrain  from sending your child with other food items should another child in your child’s camp have a severe,  life threatening allergy. Medics Camp staff strive to create an allergy-safe environment but please note that this does not imply a guarantee that there is zero risk. Medics Camp staff use the following safe  eating procedures:  


  • Children with severe allergies are given a colored bracelet on day 1 to identify them

  • Children are not allowed to share or sample food with other campers at any time

  • All children are required to wash their hands before and after eating  

  • All tables and eating surfaces are washed before and after eating using Lysol brand disinfecting  wipes


Medics Camp Code of Conduct

We believe that a positive camp experience strengthens and builds a child’s self esteem. Our camp code  of conduct rules are simple:  

  • Be safe  

  • Be respectful of people and property  

  • Keep your hands to yourself  

  • Speak nicely to each other  

  • Touch only what belongs to you  

  • Stay within the designated camp activity area  

  • Listen to your counselors  

  • Ask for help if you need it


Violation Examples: 

  • Endangering the health and safety of themselves, other campers, and/or staff or volunteers.

  • Stealing, damaging, or failing to care for Medics Camp equipment or property

  • Stealing, damaging, or failing to care for facility property or the property of others.

  • Continual disruption of the program.  

  • Refusal to follow the behavior guidelines.  

  • Inappropriate physical contact.  

  • Using profanity or inappropriate language or displaying clothing with offensive content.

  • Bullying or acts of aggression or violence.  

  • Possession or use of illegal substances, tobacco, or alcohol.  

  • Possession of weapons - any object that may cause harm to another or place another person in  fear of his/her safety, may be considered a weapon. 


Code of Conduct Remediation Steps ​

  • Medics Camp Staff will redirect the camper to a more appropriate behavior.  

  • The camper will be reminded of the behavior guidelines.  

  • Repeated behaviors which are unacceptable at camp will be communicated to parents at sign out or if necessary, we will call you.  

  • Staff will document the situation. The written documents will include what the behavior problem was, what provoked the problem, and the corrective action(s) taken.  

  • If the behavior persists, the Camp Director may find it necessary to have the camper picked up  early from camp and they may be asked not to return.  

  • If a camper's behavior at any time threatens the immediate safety of him/her, other campers, or  staff, the parent/guardian will be notified and expected to pick-up the child immediately.  


Note: In order to ensure that all campers have a positive experience we reserve the right to withdraw a  child from Medics Camp if they are unable to comply with our Code of Conduct. There will be no refunds  given for campers who are withdrawn from the program due to violations of the Code of Conduct.  

Camp Staff  

​Each Medics Camp location has a Director and/or Assistant Director who is responsible for the safety  and well-being of all of onsite campers, ensuring the delivery of Medics Camp programming, and  communicating with parents (onsite and online). The Medics Camp team is comprised of instructors who are responsible  for delivery of camp content to their respective age group and supported by counselors, co-op students and volunteers who are responsible for assisting with activities, experiments and games in the camp room (online and onsite) and supervising and ensuring camper safety during onsite breaks and outside time.  Instructor backgrounds vary from camp to camp, but we look for university students and new grads who have studied a health related science and have experience in teaching and working with children.  All instructors must have satisfactory  vulnerable sector screening and be certified in standard first aid and CPR.  Currently, all onsite instructors and team members must also be fully vaccinated against COVID.   

Camper/Instructor Ratios Onsite

In order to ensure a high level of supervision and safety we meet or exceed the following staff to camper  ratios.

Munchkin Medics ages 5 - 6 years - 1:6  

Mini Medics ages 7 - 9 years - 1:8  

Jr. Medics ages 10 - 12 years - 1:10 


Drop-off/Pick-up Onsite

The safety of our campers is our number one priority so it’s important that everyone is aware of our  process for drop-off and pick-up. All campers will need to be signed-in to Medics Camp every morning.  If Medics Camp is being delivered onsite at host location (Mobile Medics), campers may also need to  sign-in to the host facility first before they can enter and sign-in to Medics Camp. We try and wait for all  campers to arrive (within reason) before we get started for the day, so please let us know if your child is  running more than 30 minutes late for arrival or will be absent from camp that day.  


*If COVID safety protocols are in effect, you will be emailed instructions prior to your onsite camp week on what additional measures  are required.


Absent Campers 

If your camper is going to be away and will not be attending camp, please call 647-428-0004 or email  the Director at info@medicscamp.com before 9:00 a.m. on that day. Alternatively, you can  also communicate to one of our Instructors at drop off/pick up, if you know in advance that your child  will be away on a day of camp. Refunds or credits are not provided for any missed days.  


Sick Campers  

If your child is not going to attend Medics Camp for a day due to illness, we appreciate being notified as  early as possible either by phone or email. (see absent camper contact info above).  Refunds or credits are not provided for any missed days.  


Early Pick-Up  

If campers are being picked up early (before 3:30 pm) from camp, please notify us at morning drop-off.  When possible, we’ll try and modify our activities so that your child doesn’t miss too much.  



​For the Safety of your child, only those on the Authorized Pick-Up list will be permitted to pick-up your  child from camp. A Medics Camp team member will ask you in the morning at drop off who will be  picking up. If your child is in the FALCON program and you’d like to give them permission to leave camp by  themselves, please inform the Director and a waiver form will be provided.  

Late Pick-Up  

If you know you are going to be late picking up your child, please call the Director at 647-428-0004. Your camper will be cared for until you arrive but there will be a late fee of $5 charged for every 5 minutes past the designated pick up time. You must bring the late fee with you in cash the next morning at sign-in. Late fees incurred on the last day of camp will be billed to the credit card on file. Please be on time picking up your child. They are excited to see you and tell you about their day and our facility permits have a firm end time. Late pick-ups more than 5 minutes past the permit time are subject to double the late fees as you are putting our facility permit at risk.  


Refund Policy  

The Medics Camp refund policy for your child’s specific camp can be found on our website under cancelations. Since this varies from year to year, we don’t include it in this  document. Please note that some of our host facilities for our Mobile Medics partner program may  have a different refund policy because you’re paying them directly. In this case, you should refer to  their camp refund policy as we are just a guest provider. Refunds will not be provided for inclement  weather, late arrivals, illnesses, absences or if your child is asked not to return to camp due to behavior issues that couldn’t be resolved.  


Tax Receipts  

You can use the email confirmation with household account summary that was sent when you  registered or you can get it by logging into your Medics Camp account in at  http://medicscamp.campbrainregistration.com  


Camp Onsite Emergencies  

In the unlikely event of a non medical emergency at camp, our staff has been trained on site specific  safety and emergency protocols.  All Emergency procedures are reviewed with our campers on the first  day of each camp.