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The five senses from a different perspective and conditions that affect them

Ages 5-12

Join us for a unique experience

About This Camp

Explore the world of the five senses in new ways. Learn how our senses are interconnected.  How does the brain interpret the messages it receives? What happens when nerves are damaged and can no longer send or receive messages?  What is sudden sensorineural hearing loss?  Could you spell your name in sign language to someone who was deaf?  What is color blindness?  What is braille and can you read your name with just your fingers?  Your sense of touch is always on so why can't you tickle yourself?  If you have a cold, why does your food all taste so bland?  Do you really taste with your nose?  Did you know that the taste bud map is a myth and that you even have taste buds on the roof of your mouth? 

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