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Journey in to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, learn about blood, first aid and CPR

Ages 9-12

KARDIA Theme Schedule

Week 1: January 8-12 

Week 2: January 15-19

Week 3: January 22-26

Week 4: January 29-Feb 2

Week 5: February 5-9

Week 6: February 12-16

No Club February 21

Week 7: February 26-Mar 1

Week 8: March 4-8

60 Minute Sessions

Meet Once a Week

8 Week Session

 Material List 

Document File

What to Expect

Two weeks prior to your first zoom meeting a welcome email will be sent that includes a material list of items you likely already have such as school supplies and craft materials or would be able purchase locally at a dollar store or grocery.  The email will also include files that need to be printed and brought by your child to the zoom session.  Zoom logins will be sent in a separate email the Sunday before each session week.

Each weekly session will include a warm up activity that introduces topic vocabulary, a "what do you know about...." group discussion followed by two or more topic related engagement activities and wraps up with a fun and culminating activity that reinforces what was learned.

Medics Camp instructors love science and know how to make learning fun.  They are guides on a journey, so no lectures are allowed.  Enjoy the journey!

Join us for a unique experience

About This Camp

Take a journey into the cardiovascular system and discover how an organ slightly larger than your fist keeps you alive.  How do we keep our hearts healthy and what conditions can occur if we don’t exercise and eat nutritious foods?  What is arteriosclerosis and what is the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?  What is blood and where does it come from in our body?  Be positive-it’s not just a state of mind. Learn about blood types and test your knowledge with a fun blood drive scenario. Why don’t we lose all of our blood when we get a cut?  What is CPR and can anyone learn it?

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