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Discover the skeletal system, muscles and the largest organ in the body-skin

Ages 5-12

Join us for a unique experience

About This Camp

Discover what holds you up, enables you to move and provides protection for vital organs. This week we'll look at the skeletal system along with muscles and the largest organ in your body-skin.  What is posture and why is it important?  Why do babies have more bones than adults?  View an x-ray and see if you can find the fracture.  What are muscles and how do they work with our bones to enable us to stretch, lift, jump, dance and run?  Do we shed our skin like a snake?  What are stitches and when are they needed?  Safely practice your surgical skills this week with one of our activities.  What’s the difference between a sprain, strain and fracture?  Find out on First Aid Friday along with how to treat these common conditions.

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